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My name is Andrew Muschamp Mckay, I started building web applications and websites in 1995. After graduating from UVIC Computer Science, while working as a software developer coding away in Objective-C and Java, I registered this regrettably hard to spell and pronounce domain. I've lived, studied, and worked abroad in Japan, China, and elsewhere. If you just want the facts you can view my resume. If you prefer social proof...

Look upon my works ye mighty and despair.

Centuries ago we were living on the gold coast,
She was still in love with a long gone cold ghost,
I was only trying to turn back the tide of her tears.
I felt like an endless ocean rolling through the fog,
Full emotion drifting like a weather beaten log,
I even thought that I out-thought her,
Till she said 'Babe, you're just a wave, you're not the water.'Jimmy Dale Gilmore
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Nurgle Forge World Terminators
Not dead, still painting Nurgle
Painting a Plague Toad
Painted Today

If this webpage doesn't look amazing, try manually resizing your browser window, or try another browser. There is some support for "reader mode" making it more mobile friendly. The HTML validates, but Isotope does not render perfectly on every computer every time. I've put too much effort into this homepage, maintaining it for over a decade writing the copy, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. I leverage WordPress, SimplePie, jQuery and jQueryUI to craft my unique homepage.

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