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My name is Andrew Muschamp Mckay, I've been building web applications and websites since 1995. After graduating from UVIC Computer Science, while working as a software developer coding away in Objective-C and Java, I registered this regrettably hard to spell and pronounce domain. I've lived, studied, and worked abroad in Japan, China, and elsewhere. You can view my resume but most prefer social proof.

Look upon my works ye mighty and despair.

Nothing is more noble, nothing more venerable than fidelity. Faithfulness and truth are the most sacred excellences and endowments of the human mind.Marcus Tullius Cicero
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I have two lazy slovenly freeloading French roommates that are finally moving... (Amarillo) #photo
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This beer is dedicated to lazy freeloading French roommates everywhere.... (4 Hop IPA) #photo
Plague Marine, Dark
A Buzz Lightyear Spa
The Burrow boxing gy
Ork Wartrak Flakk Wa
Bloodbowl, is this a
Army Showcase: Maxim
Warhammer 40,000 Lar
Tzeentch conversion
I want to paint thes
Well painted miniatu
Going to have to get
Old Vle Tudo fight M
Not sure what school
How the world's bill
Terminator Librarian
New Plaguemarines ar
Another CFA® Exam is Finished
Nurgle, Death Guard,
Iron Warriors

If this webpage doesn't look amazing, try manually resizing your browser window, or try another browser. The HTML validates, Isotope does not render perfectly on every computer every time. For instance the Great Firewall of China definitely affects rendering, so you will get a better browsing experience with a VPN. I've put too much effort into this homepage, maintaining it for over a decade writing the copy, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. I leverage WordPress, SimplePie, jQuery, jQueryUI, and CodeBird to craft my unique homepage.

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