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My name is Andrew Muschamp Mckay, I've been building web applications and websites since 1995. After graduating from UVIC Computer Science, while working as a software developer coding away in Objective-C and Java, I registered this regrettably hard to spell and pronounce domain. I've lived, studied, and worked abroad in Japan, China, and elsewhere. You can view my resume for all the sordid details but most people prefer social proof.

Look upon my works ye mighty and despair.

Any time I made a major sacrifice for anyone, all I ever got in return was deep-seated loathing and vicious curses, unparalleled in their savagery. My heart was deeply scarred, pierced all the way through. And whenever I offered it to someone, fully marinated in soy sauce all they ever did was piss on it.Mo Yan
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@MuskieMcKay typo or autocorrect, that is still the best song they've played.
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